Thursday, June 21, 2018

Using NAT Gateways in Amazon AWS

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In AWS you can design your own network using VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). You can assign your own IP address ranges and split your network into Public and Private Subnets. In simple words, Public Subnet is like Green Zone where traffic from the internet is allowed while Private Subnet is DMZ where no direct internet access is allowed.


So what if we need to install/update/upgrade software, utilities or OS on EC2 Instances running in a private subnet? one option is to manually FTP to the box and install it but sometimes is not feasible.

For scenarios like these AWS provides us NAT Gateways (previously NAT Instances which are going to obsolete soon).

Let’s see how to setup NAT Gateways in your VPC


To configure NAT gateway follow these steps
  1. Make sure you have Internet Gateway route defined in Routing Table
  2. Get the Public Subnet ID where your NAT gateway would be deployed
  3. Create NAT Gateway
  4. Test the Internet connectivity
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