Friday, May 11, 2018

How to Collect Custom Metrics from AWS EC2 Instances


Monitoring is a critical part of any cloud infrastructure and it is important to maintain reliability, availability, and performance of your AWS cloud applications. There are 2 main types of monitoring you can do on AWS EC2 Instances as follows

Basic Monitoring for Amazon EC2 instances: Seven pre-selected metrics at five-minute frequency and three status check metrics at one-minute frequency, for no additional charge.

Detailed Monitoring for Amazon EC2 instances: All metrics available to Basic Monitoring at one-minute frequency, for an additional charge. Instances with Detailed Monitoring enabled allows data aggregation by Amazon EC2 AMI ID and instance type.

While limited monitoring is enabled by default, it does not cover the memory utilization or disk I/O of the instances, for these use cases you need to enable custom monitoring on EC2 instances.

This post covers how to enable custom detail monitoring and collect memory and disk metrics using AWS CloudWatch agent, later you can build custom CloudWatch dashboards using these metrics.

Note: You can also monitor EC2 instances using older Perl scripts click here for more info

In summary, you need to do the following:

  1. Create CloudWatch Role
  2. Assign CloudWatch Role to EC2 Instance
  3. Install CloudWatch agent on the EC2 Instance
  4. Configure Metrics
  5. Start CloudWatch agent
  6. Create CloudWatch Dashboards

Click the Image or the following link to learn more detail steps

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