Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Sessions at Collaborate 2016 in Las Vegas

Hello Geeks,

I will be presenting 2 topics at IOUG Collaborate 2016 in Las Vegas. I will be talking about Architecting for the Cloud and Oracle Entitlement Server Integration with WebCenter.

The special thing about these 2 sessions that these sessions are selected for IOUGenius Certificate...what it is ? I will copy some exerts from IOUG website for more details visit

So make sure you mark you calendars to attend my session Learn and Earn.. see my session details below.

  1. 1380 - Architecting For the Cloud: Best Practices
  2. 1351 - Build Fine-Grained Authorization for WebCenter Using Oracle Entitlements Server

#IOUGenius Certificates
Looking for an easy way to demonstrate the skills you'll gain by attending COLLABORATE 16? Earn an #IOUGenius Certificate!
Each set of certificate sessions has been selected by the IOUG Conference Committee to provide a comprehensive overview of skills, techniques and insights that will be critical for Oracle database and technology professionals.

How to Earn Your Certificate
  • Choose a certificate that benefits you and your company the most.
  • Find eligible sessions on your mobile app device by using the hashtags below.
  • “Check-in” to 4+ sessions on your mobile app.
  • Email us at to receive your #IOUGenius e-certificate(s).
  • Display your certificate(s) and make sure your co-workers and supervisors know you are an #IOUGenius! 

My sessions at Collaborate 2016 in Las Vegas

Happy Learning,
Zeeshan Baig

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