Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Reset Weblogic Server Administrator Password

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Sometimes there is a possibility that you forget Weblogic server administrator password or you are in the environment where nobody knows the password.

In this post i will show the steps how to reset weblogic server administrator password

What you need?

  1. Access to the server where weblogic is installed. 
  2. Location where weblogic domain is created default is <fmw-home>/user_projects/domains/<domain-home>

Steps to do:

  1. Stop the AdminServer including all managed servers.
  2. Rename the LDAP folder of AdminServer and other managed servers. Location would be like <WLS_DOMAIN>/servers/<server-name>/data/ldap
  3. Run the or .cmd command to setup the environment i.e. <wls-domain>/bin/
  4. Go to security directory in the domain i.e. <domain-home>/security
  5. Run the following command (Make sure include DOT at the end)  java weblogic welcome1 . 
  6.  Delete the 'DefaultAuthenticatormyrealmInit.initialized' file from ldap folder in the AdminServer <domain-home>/servers/AdminServer/data/ldap
  7. edit the file in <domain-name>/servers/<server-name>/security for all managed servers with your new password
  8. Start the weblogic server

Zeeshan Baig