Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Setting up WebLogic server for REST Web Services

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REST web services are getting popular with the time. They are programmer friendly and easy to develop.

By default weblogic server ships with all  required shared libraries for REST but there is one step we need to do in order to activate it which is to deploy those libraries on domain.

The step is simple. All we need to do is to deploy required libraries from
$WLS_HOME/common/deployable-libraries to weblogic domain

In my case i had following libraries used in my application
  1. jersey-bundle
  2. jsr311-api-1.1.1

1. Go to weblogic console http://server:port/console
2. Go to Deployment link (click Lock & Edit if in production mode)
3. Click install and choose libraries as shown in the slide
4. Follow wizard and active.


Zeeshan Baig
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to enable System.out.println messages in Weblogic server

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Using System.out.println is common practice to debug issues in Java applications. However, in ADF applications using ADF logger is common and best practice. But if we have some web services/ java apps deployed on weblogic server mostly it will use System.out.println

By default Weblogic server does not display the standard System.out.println messages. To enable those go to weblogic console http://<server-name>:port/console

Click Domain Name > Environments > Servers  > <Server-name> > Logging  and check the following options under Advanced option

Restart the specific managed server and now the System.out.println messages will be visible on the ServerName.log file which is commonly under domain_directory/servers/<server-name>/logs

Zeeshan Baig