Friday, October 5, 2012

Oracle ADF - Using Region Navigation Listener in af:region

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Its been long that i have posted something related to ADF. Thanks to my visitors who ask questions to keep me alive.

One reader shared a use case with me as follows

"We have a requirement to collapse a panel in Panel splitter for specific activity in a region"

The answer for that is use Region Listener in af:region component.

The Region Listener have a RegionNavigationEvent argument which can provide the current view in a af:region based on that you can conditionally collapse or expand panel

Example: Download complete example

In my bounded task flow i got 3 views, view 1-3 respectively as shown in the slide.

I have home page with Panel splitter and af:region in facet 2

My use case is to collapse left panel when user navigates to view 2 in a region.

I have a Region Listener as follows

I have panel splitter binding in the bean 

The Region Navigation Listener code is as follows

public class RegionNavigationListener {
    private RichPanelSplitter myPanel;

    public RegionNavigationListener() {

    public void onRegionNavigated(RegionNavigationEvent region) {
        String viewId = region.getNewViewId();        
        if (viewId.equalsIgnoreCase("/region-flow-definition/view2")) {
        else {
    private void doCollapsePanel(RichPanelSplitter panel){    
    private void doExpandPanel(RichPanelSplitter panel){    

    public void setMyPanel(RichPanelSplitter myPanel) {
        this.myPanel = myPanel;

    public RichPanelSplitter getMyPanel() {
        return myPanel;

Hope you like it 

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