Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to Play / Embed Flash .swf file in Oracle ADF application


I got this questions couple of times so i decided to write another quicky here. You can play flash in 2 ways
  • Using af:inlineFrame component 
  • Using af:media component
As an example we have .swf file in your imgs folder as shown in the slide

The difference would be af:inlineFrame will show the flash on page

af:media will display it as a link (unless you have a video as source) clicking on the link will open flash file

The output would be similar as follows

Have a nice day,
Zeeshan Baig


  1. Thanks Zeeshan.

    when i create a sample test, in my form
    i see only VIEWCONTROLLER - Then under that WEB-INF There is no WEBCONTENT and IMG folder under VIEWCONTROLLER folder, how to do that beside that .can u please tell , where to place the code.


  2. Hi eqbal,

    Right click view controller and choose NEW and then FOLDER

    You can have the source file anywhere but it's a good practice to separate content in folders like templates images fragments

    Hope it helps

  3. Thanks again.
    i did able to create the img folder, and under that folder, i placed my flash.swf file. and after that i draged the inlinFrame component to my flash_demo.jspx design area. then i open the source and place the code

    and run the application , the page opens but it is blank.

    please help what to do, now?


  4. Dear Zeeshan.

    Thanks for your great help.
    Now i am able to run the flash .
    i retry from scratch and it worked.

    Thanks, again.

  5. Hi Zeeshan,

    I did same as you said but I am not seeing the flash in my page, I tried both inlineFrame and media.
    Can you tell me what I am missing?

  6. Hi Prabhajan,

    can you show me the code? make sure you are able to play flash file in a browser.

  7. Hi i Zeeshan,
    I need to find a way to send and receive data from a dynamic flash to store the data in mysql db using adf app .. is there a simple way to do that ...

    1. Hi,

      Then why you need ADF for it ? if you are using Flash with mysql ?


  8. Hi Zeeshan,
    i followd all the step but getting 404 error.
    Could you please guide me.