Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things to remember when exporting/importing metadata into MDS in Weblogic cluster


I wasted a few hours (and i hope you will not) to use WLST command to import metadata into WebCenter spaces PS2 application in a cluster environment.

The weblogic server topology was as follows, each of them running 2 managed servers for WebCenter.

Note: Server 1 and 2 were different physical machines

  • Server1 had WLS_Spaces1 and WLS_Spaces3
  • Server2 had WLS_Spaces2 and WLS_Spaces4


I tried to export meta-data using following command from MDS after connecting to AdminServer, replaced the page in export directory and import back.

   1: exportMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces1','/home/oracle/mds','/oracle/**/Login.jspx')
   2: importMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces1','/home/oracle/mds','/oracle/**/Login.jspx') 
   4: exportMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces2','/home/oracle/mds','/oracle/**/Login.jspx')
   5: importMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces2','/home/oracle/mds','/oracle/**/Login.jspx') 
   7: exportMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces3','/home/oracle/mds','/oracle/**/Login.jspx')
   8: importMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces3','/home/oracle/mds','/oracle/**/Login.jspx') 
  10: exportMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces4','/home/oracle/mds','/oracle/**/Login.jspx')
  11: importMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces4','/home/oracle/mds','/oracle/**/Login.jspx') 

I received a message that 1 document has imported into MDS successfully, but somehow my changes were not visible.

Lesson learned:

When you export the documents from MDS in a cluster it creates a export directories (in my case /home/oracle/mds) on the same machine where managed server is running i.e. Server1 and Server2 machines.

So, my import statement was importing the same export page which was already in the repository.


For easy understanding i created a separate directories for all managed servers and replaced the page on both machines then imported into MDS.

Here is the complete command list.

   1: exportMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces1','/home/oracle/mds1','/oracle/**/Login.jspx')
   2: importMetadata(application='webcenter',server='WLS_Spaces1',fromLocation='/home/oracle/mds1',docs='/oracle/**/Login.jspx') 
   4: exportMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces2','/home/oracle/mds2','/oracle/**/Login.jspx')
   5: importMetadata(application='webcenter',server='WLS_Spaces2',fromLocation='/home/oracle/mds2',docs='/oracle/**/Login.jspx') 
   7: exportMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces3','/home/oracle/mds3','/oracle/**/Login.jspx')
   8: importMetadata(application='webcenter',server='WLS_Spaces3',fromLocation='/home/oracle/mds3',docs='/oracle/**/Login.jspx') 
  10: exportMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces4','/home/oracle/mds4','/oracle/**/Login.jspx')
  11: importMetadata(application='webcenter',server='WLS_Spaces4',fromLocation='/home/oracle/mds4',docs='/oracle/**/Login.jspx') 

Hope you find it useful,

Zeeshan Baig


  1. ADF Application can be developed online like Php Applications ?
    Thank you .

  2. Yes tokando for public portal webcenter is more suitable which allows you to quickly build web portals. is a good example of public site in ADF/webcenter


  3. is it free to any one to join and develop ?
    please can you explain the idea from the site you share before .

  4. Well i am not oracle employee or any salesperson they can give you better answer but AFAIK All oracle products are free to develop but majority has license cost when you use them in production with exception Oracle XE database and APEX.

    you can develop and deploy sites in ADF if you want to host them to public then you can either go for Amazon Cloud service or setup your own hosting servers (which are pretty easy for basic setup) but you would need a production license of it.

    Hope it helps,