Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Plans for Oracle Open World 2011

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This year is lucky for me so far and i am attending Oracle open world 2011. I am really excited and looking forward to meet some of the greats in Oracle technologies.

Here how i would be spending my time at OOW. that is just a plan but you never know :)

  • Oracle ADF EMG: Starting an Enterprise Oracle ADF Project
  • Oracle ADF EMG: Learn Oracle ADF Task Flows in Only 60 Minutes
  • Oracle ADF EMG: A+-Quality Oracle ADF Code
  • Oracle ADF EMG: Transitioning from Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF
  • Oracle ADF EMG: Empower Multitasking with an Oracle ADF UI Powerhouse
  • Oracle ADF Enterprise Methodology Group: Gold Nuggets in Oracle ADF Faces
  • Oracle OpenWorld Welcome Keynote

  • Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Oracle and EMC
  • A Deep Dive into Oracle WebCenter Content Integration
  • Unified Management of Healthcare Data with Oracle Content Management
  • Deployment Patterns for Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g
  • Oracle WebLogic Server Security
  • Oracle WebCenter Performance, Scalability, and Administration
  • Getting Started with Oracle ADF: What You Need to Know
  • Oracle ADF: What's Missing and What's Next

  • Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Oracle and Dell Inc.
  • Securing Oracle Applications with Oracle Identity Management
  • Oracle Business Intelligence/Oracle ADF Integration Using the Action Framework
  • Maximize Team Productivity with Hudson, Maven, and Team Productivity Center
  • Develop Mobile Apps for iOS, Android, and More: Converging Web and Native Applications
  • Five Things You Didn't Know About SQL

  • Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Oracle and Cisco
  • Building Highly Reusable Oracle ADF Task Flows
  • SQL Tuning Expert Roundtable
  • Angels in the Architecture: An Oracle Application Development Framework Architectural Blueprint
  • Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Oracle and Infosys Limited
  • Push to the Limit: Rich and Proactive User Interfaces with Oracle ADF

  • Real-World Performance Tuning for Oracle ADF Applications
  • Implementing Oracle Access Manager 11g: Oracle Case Study
  • Texas A&M University System Architecture: Oracle ADF, Oracle WebCenter Portal and Content
  • Fast, Complex BI Analysis with Oracle OLAP
 I am really excited to learn from the experts. If anyone like to meet me at OOW feel free to email me at zeeshan dot baig 82 @ gmail dot com

See you there,
Zeeshan Baig

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things to remember when exporting/importing metadata into MDS in Weblogic cluster

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I wasted a few hours (and i hope you will not) to use WLST command to import metadata into WebCenter spaces PS2 application in a cluster environment.

The weblogic server topology was as follows, each of them running 2 managed servers for WebCenter.

Note: Server 1 and 2 were different physical machines

  • Server1 had WLS_Spaces1 and WLS_Spaces3
  • Server2 had WLS_Spaces2 and WLS_Spaces4


I tried to export meta-data using following command from MDS after connecting to AdminServer, replaced the page in export directory and import back.

   1: exportMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces1','/home/oracle/mds','/oracle/**/Login.jspx')
   2: importMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces1','/home/oracle/mds','/oracle/**/Login.jspx') 
   4: exportMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces2','/home/oracle/mds','/oracle/**/Login.jspx')
   5: importMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces2','/home/oracle/mds','/oracle/**/Login.jspx') 
   7: exportMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces3','/home/oracle/mds','/oracle/**/Login.jspx')
   8: importMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces3','/home/oracle/mds','/oracle/**/Login.jspx') 
  10: exportMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces4','/home/oracle/mds','/oracle/**/Login.jspx')
  11: importMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces4','/home/oracle/mds','/oracle/**/Login.jspx') 

I received a message that 1 document has imported into MDS successfully, but somehow my changes were not visible.

Lesson learned:

When you export the documents from MDS in a cluster it creates a export directories (in my case /home/oracle/mds) on the same machine where managed server is running i.e. Server1 and Server2 machines.

So, my import statement was importing the same export page which was already in the repository.


For easy understanding i created a separate directories for all managed servers and replaced the page on both machines then imported into MDS.

Here is the complete command list.

   1: exportMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces1','/home/oracle/mds1','/oracle/**/Login.jspx')
   2: importMetadata(application='webcenter',server='WLS_Spaces1',fromLocation='/home/oracle/mds1',docs='/oracle/**/Login.jspx') 
   4: exportMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces2','/home/oracle/mds2','/oracle/**/Login.jspx')
   5: importMetadata(application='webcenter',server='WLS_Spaces2',fromLocation='/home/oracle/mds2',docs='/oracle/**/Login.jspx') 
   7: exportMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces3','/home/oracle/mds3','/oracle/**/Login.jspx')
   8: importMetadata(application='webcenter',server='WLS_Spaces3',fromLocation='/home/oracle/mds3',docs='/oracle/**/Login.jspx') 
  10: exportMetadata('webcenter','WLS_Spaces4','/home/oracle/mds4','/oracle/**/Login.jspx')
  11: importMetadata(application='webcenter',server='WLS_Spaces4',fromLocation='/home/oracle/mds4',docs='/oracle/**/Login.jspx') 

Hope you find it useful,

Zeeshan Baig