Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some Tips on IIS server Configuration for Oracle Webcenter11g


Last week i faced some challenging issues with Microsoft IIS server configuration which was the entry point for a Oracle WebCenter application.

After configuring IIS as per Oracle docs and our environment we were facing  issue with only one specific Portlet in the environment.

When i click on the Radio button in the portlet we experienced following error message
“A connection to the server has failed”

When i access application by skipping IIS server i.e. directly accessing the weblogic server address then portlet works normal. (This action could work for you as debug step no 1 )


We had some tuning parameters in IIS server’s windows registry as shown in the slide

Location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / System / CurrentControlSet / Services / HTTP / Parameters


I used HTTP watch to debug the issue. When i clicked on Radio button I got HTTP error code 400 which is Bad Request. Here is the list of common http error codes

The URL was generating in the background had bigger length then it the IIS registry setting parameter UrlSegmentMaxLength which was set to 800 characters and the resulted URL was coming approx 1500.



Increasing this parameter UrlSegmentMaxLength from 800 (value 320) to 2000 (value 7d0)  fixed the issues.

Hope you like this,
Zeeshan Baig

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