Friday, June 10, 2011

How to Change Weblogic Domain MODE to Production and Development

Hi all,

Last week i experienced a little task to change the "Production mode" settings to TRUE in weblogic domain. Setting up the mode to true was easy and straight forward but a little trick comes where for some reasons we had to rollback that change to test some issues.

If you want to know what are the differences between the two modes check this post

To configure all servers in a domain to run in production mode:
  1. Login to Weblogic Console
  2. In the left pane of the WebLogic Console, under Domain Structure, select the domain name.
  3. Select Configuration > General and select the Production Mode check box.
  4. Click Save, and then, to activate these changes, in the Change Center, click Activate Changes.
  5. Start and stop any servers that are currently running.
You can see the settings on the following screen shot after making change you should be able to see the following messages in log files.

    Reminder: Once the mode set to PRODUCTION you cannot change it from Weblogic Console

    So here are the steps to configure all servers in a domain back to development mode. Weblogic server stores its information in a configuration file.

    1. Stop the servers running in a domain.
    2. Open the config.xml file location under MIDDLEWARE_HOME/domains/domain_name/config
    3. Change the production-mode entry to false and save the file and exit
    4. Start all servers you should be able to see the following message on console.

      P.S  you can also set the value PRODUCTION_MODE to true or false in file but if you want to backout the change you need to change the config.xml file

      Hope you find it useful,
      Zeeshan Baig


      1. If you change the you don't need to change the config.xml at all.
        It's never recommended to touch directly the config.xml

      2. Hi anon,

        When you want to revert the changes back to development mode you have to touch the config.xml

        try it then update the comments. i tried this with weblogic 10.3.2


      3. Hi Zeeshan,

        I am trying to add a new mail session in console when it is in
        production mode. It gets lost when the server is restarted.
        Is it an expected behavior?


        1. Hi,

          what do you mean by mail session?

          In production mode you have to first click Lock & Edit button on top right then do your changes and then click Release configuration.

          If server asks for restart then check restart check list to restart only required items.

          Let me know the steps to repeat i will give you better answer.


      4. Assalam Bhai
        Great work zeshan bhai