Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Display running time on JSF Page in ADF application


Its been a while i posted anything here. Life became busy as you know that i moved to USA and now pretty much settled with my new job and life routine and hopefully will post regularly some cool stuff.

In this post we will see how to display running time on JSF Page by calling a Javascript method on page load.  in Oracle ADF. for this we need to do the following

1. Write a custom javascript function to get time

2. Use af:resource tag to attach javascript file or function source
3. Drag and drop af:clientListener and provide the name of the function and set the type to load 

4. Drag and drop the af:outputText to the page and set the Id as 'txt'  and client component to true

5. Run the page

Hope you like it download the sample code.

Happy Jdeveloping,
Zeeshan Baig


  1. nice to see your new posts mr Zeeshan iam really happy to see it again ....
    Congratulation on new job .

  2. Hello :
    I'm new to oracle adf, and i want to develop jfs app with adf framwork, can u please help me by knowing me about the adf configuration in myeclipse, mean like jsf jar files required to run an adf application on Myeclipse?
    Im using myeclipse blue edition 8.6.

  3. Hi BluBD,

    Right now the tool of choice for complete ADF fusion stack is Jdeveloper but you can only use ADF faces in eclipse.

    Oracle provides the pack called OEPE which support ADF in eclipse environment check this for more info

  4. Hi Zeeshan,

    There is only choice of eclipse? Can't I get ADF faces in myeclipse? Is there any possibility?
    please let me know if there is no possibility of ADF with myeclipse.

  5. Hi,

    I am not sure you need to manually add the libraries which would be pain. I would recommend you to follow standard if you want to work in ADF then go with JDeveloper. There are 100s of things in ADF which Jdev automatically do for you.

    So why make our life difficult ;)