Sunday, January 30, 2011

Display JSF Page as email page in Oracle ADF


ADF provides a simple way to display page as email page. all you need is to just concat the following to  the current page URL.

For example if your page name is view1.jspx then following code will display the page as email page on af:goButton component

More info on the documentation.

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Zeeshan Baig


  1. I have a panelFormLayout on an info page that contains several inputText fields and an inputFile. The page is part of a task flow that goes to a verify page. I can display data about the uploaded file to verify its success. How do I email the file and data once the user hits submit? Task Flow is as follows: Welcome Page -> Info Page -> Verify Page. Also, the data and file are stored in a pageFlowScoped bean.


  2. Hi Jeremy,

    If you want to send auto email then use Java email API.