Friday, November 19, 2010

Calling Webservice in Oracle ADF by Creating Webservice Data control

In this post we will call the webservice by creating webservice data control in Oracle fusion application we will call the same webservice that we have created in last post.

More info in this video

Happy Jdeveloping,
Zeeshan Baig


  1. Hello, the Web Services Data Control is a nice feature. But when I try this example with a more complex WSDL I don't get it running. At initial page loading I get the following error in the log " Value for parameter 'parameters' cannot be null" So it seems that the service is called during page loading instead after push the button. But I can't find the reason... Do you have an idea?


  2. Hi,

    Web-Service will be call only on the button cause i am calling it as method binding.

    With this information it is difficult to guess what would be the issue. may be try OTN forums you will get more responses.

  3. Are you also displaying the results of the Web service on the same page?
    If you do, then what happens is that ADF tries to populate them when the page is displayed, so it calls the Web service with an empty parameter.

    Here is a way to work around this:

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the video.

    Instead of accessing and displaying data from Web Service Data Control on a page,
    I want to access the Data Control programatically directly in a java class.
    Do you know how to get handle of the WS Data Control, methods and return values in a java class?

  5. Hi Aleesya,

    On JSF page ADF knows only binding layer which means you should be able to access your data via ADF bindings.

    Like you can drag and drop any object on the page from data control and access in bean class using binding layer e.g. attribute, action, method bindings

    I hope i understand you correctly.


  6. Hi Zeeshan
    how can I call the webservice in an interval of 5 min and display the result values in the page...


    1. Hi,

      Yes you can do that on UI side using a simple Javascript method. I can provide better response if you provide me your use case in detail.


  7. Hi Reeshan,

    I have one ADF application, it's development to desktop access.

    The original application is in ADF 10g version, but I need migrate to ADF 11g.

    After apply the migration, I replace three webservice soap proxy, for three webservices data control. But I don't understand what this a process to use and call the web service data control using java method.

    You has knowledge this steps to execute this process ?

    Best regards,
    Rudinei Nunes Costa

    1. Hi,

      You can build UI pages using data control you don't have to call it in Model layer. For Model layer working with Proxy is enough. If you want to access data from data control on UI layer then you have to work with Bindings.


  8. Please provide a sample consume rest with post method with basic authentication.we are facing so issue while creating rest data control with rest (post).