Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Using af:autoSuggestBehavior in Oracle ADF


You must be familiar with this feature while Googling when you type partial text in search box and you get lot of similar text suggestions. The same feature you can use in ADF application as well with af:autoSuggestBehaviour tag

You can use the same technique for LOVs as well

Download the Sample workspace 

More info in this video

Happy Jdeveloping,
Zeeshan Baig


  1. Hi Zeeshan,
    Looking through your demo I was surprised to find no manual filtration while getting suggested items.
    I haven't use the smart list before and I don't really get it.
    I tried to implement the same logic with smart list and no manual filtration in my application, but I just get all items unfiltered as a suggested list, whatever I type.

    Could you please, point me, what am I getting wrong?

  2. Hi Ilya,

    Autosuggest works with the actual Id in the background make sure you create display value and actual values on text

    More info on autosuggest behavior at ADF code corner