Saturday, September 25, 2010

Filter table records using af:InputRangeSlider in Oracle ADF


After couple of weeks of absence i am back :) . In this post we will see how to filter table records using Range slide component. I m using af:InputRangeSlider component to define the minimum and maximum range and these range uses to setup the values of bind variables in employee table to display records between these salary ranges.

The idea inspired by Oracle fusion applications screen shots :)

Download the sample workspace

Happy Jdeveloping,
Zeeshan Baig


  1. I tried to run your sample project's page in JDeveloper and get a nullpointer exception on the salAttr in the getRanges method. I posted this on Oracle JDeveloper Forum too, and am hoping for some help ASAP, as I would like to implement this in a similar project. Thanks.

  2. Hi,

    I have replied to your email as well. Please make the attribute bindings are available in page definition file.