Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vote for my ADF Proposals for Oracle Open World 2010

Hi all,

As i read the Mr.Shay blog post about the last chance to submit the Jdev/ADF sessions for OOW i have also submitted 3 proposals Please Vote for it :) 

You need Oracle MIX account for it

1) Performing Common Oracle Forms Tasks in Oracle ADF
 Learn how to perform Common Oracle Forms tasks (POST-QUERY, Triggers, Validations, canvases etc etc) in Oracle ADF majority of this session would be demonstration with few little slides and tips on migration from Oracle Forms to ADF.
This session would be helpful for people who are coming from Oracle forms background and want to move to Oracle ADF.

2) Challenges to Face while Migrating Forms to ADF 
 Is Oracle Forms dead? We have years of investment in Oracle forms how to protect that? Moving to ADF means major part of the code requires re-write? This session will provide answers to all questions. The purpose of this session is to how to protect your existing Forms investment by Integrating with SOA technology as well as the Challenges to face while migrating Oracle Forms application to ADF.
This session would be combination of slides and demonstration.

3) Development in Oracle ADF Design to Deployment
This Session will describe the whole process of designing, developing and deploying applications in Oracle ADF using Jdeveloper 11g by taking a Case study application.
This session is based on 90% on demonstration and will explain some basics about ADF components.

Best Regards,
Zeeshan Baig

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