Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Using Code Templates in Jdeveloper

Hi all,
Jdeveloper has a pretty nice "Code Templates" feature which helps us to code faster by saving time from extra typing. We can define our common coding templates and call them on demand by pressing CTRL + Enter

For example instead of writing all "System.out.println()" Jdeveloper has code template defined for this command as "sop". Type "sop" in Source editor and press CTRL + Enter Jdeveloper will complete the command for you.

You can define your own Code templates in Tools > Preferences > Code Editor > Code templates
 Note: You can define the general syntax with variables inside as shown in the slide

As an example i created a Java class called Tester i typed simple "main" and Pressed Ctrl + Enter Jdeveloper completed it as the main method in Java class later i types sop and pressed Ctrl + Enter which results as System.out.println()

Happy Jdeveloping ,

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