Sunday, January 17, 2010

DBCA not Starting Oracle11gR2 Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/i18n/text/OraMapTable

Few days ago i tried to install Oracle11g Release 2 on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 (OEL) on my Macbook Pro using VMware Fusion 3 to Virtualize Linux while installing i was getting error about missing files
Here is the error screen

I was ignoring the error and thought that may be 11g is not supported on VMware Fusion and OEL setup because i was not able to install Oracle10gR2 as well from DVD on OEL5 which is working fine on RedHat Linux AS 4 on my laptop.

After installing (By ignoring missing files) i was running dbca and error was coming

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/i18n/text/OraMapTable
        at oracle.i18n.util.OraLocaleInfo.(
        at oracle.sysman.assistants.util.attributes.InitParamAttributes.fillCharacterSets(
        at oracle.sysman.assistants.util.attributes.InitParamAttributes.(
        at oracle.sysman.assistants.util.step.StepContext.(
        at oracle.sysman.assistants.dbca.backend.Host.(
        at oracle.sysman.assistants.dbca.ui.UIHost.(
        at oracle.sysman.assistants.dbca.ui.InteractiveHost.(
        at oracle.sysman.assistants.dbca.Dbca.getHost(
        at oracle.sysman.assistants.dbca.Dbca.execute(
        at oracle.sysman.assistants.dbca.Dbca.main(

I posted the my problem at OTN Forums also

Any ways Problem was in ZIP file that i downloaded the chksum was showing wrong information so i downloaded the file again and everything works perfect.. :)
at OTN the file (1,239,269,270 bytes) (cksum - 3152418844) (1,111,416,131 bytes) (cksum - 3669256139)


--Run on Linux to make sure cksum is correct

i will recommend plz make sure cksum is returning same value as mentioned before installing.


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