Friday, January 22, 2010

CPU Usage Overhead EM Dbconsole 10g / Failed to shutdown DBConsole gracefully

While working on Oracle 10gR2 On Linux i noticed CPU consumption was much high and in Top activity section it was showing that SYSMAN user with OMS Program is looping since morning i decided to stop EM dbconsole using

$ emctl stop dbconsole

but error msg came....

Stopping Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control ...
--- Failed to shutdown DBConsole Gracefully ---

Oracle Support comes with this solution.....


The server has two active NIC cards and therefore two active IP addresses. DNS resolves to the IP address of eth1 and /etc/hosts lists the ip address of eth0.


To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

1. Ensure that nslookup returns the ip address of the primary network adaptor, normally eth0.
2. set the environment variable ORACLE_SID to
3. Run the following command to remove the exisiting Database Control configuration: emca -x
4. Run the following command to recreate the Database Control configuration whilst leaving the Database Control repository intact (-r) : emca -r
  4.1 optionally, specify the flags -c and -a to configure Database Control for a RAC database and for monitoring of ASM respecitively, e.g. emca -r -c | emca -r -a | emca -r -c -a

I googled the CPU usage problem but found solutions for Oracle 11g (click here) not working for 10g so i decided to kill the emctl process and restart dbconsole coz Oracle solution will delete the Repository information

Here are the steps:

--Kill the process of DbConsole

2. Kill the process id that return from that file.
$kill -9 1234
3. start the dbconsole using
$emctl start dbconsole

After restarting Dbconsole that CPU utilization problem was resolved.


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